Wireless Netware Partner Agreement

This agreement is between you (called “the  Partner” in this agreement), and  HR Wireless Netware Technology Ltd. (called “Wireless  Netware” in this agreement).

  1. You may choose between two partnership programs:
  2. The Silver level has a one  year term  with payments by you of $100.00 per month paid  by you to Wireless Netware at the beginning of each  month of the term;  or
  3. The Gold level has a three-year term  with payments by you of $75.00 per month paid  by you to Wireless Netware at the beginning of each  month of the term.
  4. The Wireless  Netware Partnership program provides both Silver level and  Gold level partners with the following  Partner benefits:

(a) a 30% discount off of Wireless Netware’s regular hourly fee for consultant services;

(b)a 20% discount off of Wireless Netware’s regular price for products sold by Wireless Netware [if you pay for the product by credit  card the merchant fee charged by the credit card processing company will be  charged to you after the discount is applied];

(c) your choice  of one  of the following  options:

(i)  one  free online  Wireless Netware Workshop for one  representative of your organization every three months during  the term  of your agreement, plus a discount of 50% off the regular price for each  participant from your organization in any online  Wireless Network Workshops you select in addition to your free workshop; OR

  1. (ii) one  free MikroTik training  course for one  representative of your organization at Wireless Netware’s Markham  Ontario facilities during  each  year of the term  of your Partner  agreement.  If you wish additional persons from your organization to attend the training  course you will receive a 50% discount off the regular charge for their attendance.  In order to ensure efficient learning, Wireless  Netware limits the size of the training course to a maximum  of seven  participants.  [Note that this free MikroTik training course cannot be  taken until a minimum  of $500.00 in monthly payments has been paid  by you in each  year of the term of your agreement.]

(d) priority support from Wireless Netware when  you email your support request to support@wirelessnetware.ca. Your request for support receives an expedited response, and you will never  wait more  than  two hours  for support;

(e) Wireless Netware will provide you constant and  consistent access to backup hardware (Router BOARD) for recovery, delivered to you in one  business day by your choice  of either Express  UPS or personal pick up by you directly from Wireless Netware.  [This service depends upon the availability of hardware at Wireless  Netware’s store. You will need to fill in the necessary order forms for delivery  or personal pick-up];

(f) provision  of 14-day  trial hardware together with consultation.  Wireless Netware can provide you with a LAB similar to your network  design to build your system  before implementing it in your facilities.

  1. Wireless Netware’s commitment to you is personal, which means that  neither you nor Wireless Netware will ever assign  this agreement to someone else unless  both parties know about it and  agree to it.  It also means that  neither Wireless Netware nor you will cancel  this agreement before the end  of its term  and  Wireless Netware will continue to perform its obligations to you as long as you make  your monthly payments on time.
  2. Wireless Netware assures you that  the confidentiality of your data will be  respected.
  3. The undersigned selects the Silver level – Gold level  [circle your choice], to commence on                                                                                [insert date].  This partnership agreement will be  automatically renewed at the end  of the term for a further term at the same level you have selected unless  you provide Wireless  Netware with written notice at least 90 days before the end  of the term that you are not renewing.


Ltd.                                                                                                          HR Wireless Netware Technology

[Name of Partner  and  person signing]                                          Per Hani Rahrouh,  president